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Breakthrough Manual Forex Trading Strategy Boasts 92% Winning Rate!

Daily Pips Hunter

Daily Pips Hunter


From: Paul Myers

Re: How to make money trading Forex from home with no experience and no money in the bank.


Dear Fellow Trader,

Have you ever wondered what a 92% winning rate really means?

It means that when you use the system I'm about to reveal to you, you'll win 9 out of every 10 Forex trades that you place. That's incredible and as far as I'm concerned it's as close to perfect as you're going to get with a Forex trading system today.

Can you imagine winning 9 out of 10 trades? Can you imagine the amount of money you would make?

Just take a look at how frequent I can make so much profits daily:




Hello, my name is Paul Myers and I'm NOT about to tell you some rags-to-riches story.

In fact, I was actually a well-paid executive at a company that made CPA Exam preparation materials.

That’s right, I was making six figures a year and I had the nice house and nice car to show for it.

People thinking of me as a successful man never know about the darkest side of my deadlock work. To make that salary I was working 12 hour days and to make matters worse the owner of the company was a “rage-a-holic” who would throw a massive temper tantrum at the drop of a hat.

In other words, I was tired and stressed out all the time.think about

Sure I appreciated the salary I was getting but each day I pulled into the driveway at home and it was dark outside and the kids were already in bed, I could feel another little piece of me dying.

Work devoured most of my entire life.

My kids barely knew me and my wife had long ago passed being angry over my long work hours and was now rapidly approaching “I just don’t care anymore.”


You see, one day I was at work and my boss was yelling at me over something incredibly minor and it just hit me – I had had enough.

I quit right then and there.
I had quite a bit of money saved up at that time and I decided I was going to dip into that savings and be a stay-at-home dad for a while so that I could reconnect with my kids.

That lasted about three weeks. Don’t get me wrong I loved being with the kids. But then school started up and they were gone all day while I was home with nothing to do.

I started going stir-crazy!

The thrill of making BIG money every day was tugging at me again.

My mind was racing with thousands of ideas.

But, the thing is, I didn't want to jump back into anything that was gonna suck my time.

So, immediately I remembered having a conversation with a guy at one of my convenience stores who pulled up in a Hummer every day around 3 PM every day for snacks.

He never looked like the corporate type.

Always shorts, t-shirts, and slippers.

Out of curiosity, one day I said jokingly, "Man, when I grow up, I'd love to be like you."

"Watchu mean?"

"You come here around 3PM everyday... you don't look like you're coming from a job... and you're rolling around in a Hummer, man... c'mon!!!"

He had a good laugh over that and and I struck up a conversation with him.

Turns out he was a Forex trader, so he was able to work from home and spend time whenever he wanted with his family. He made well over 7 figures a year, from home...

That was just what I was looking for!

So I asked him if he had any advice for me as someone who would be just starting out as a Forex trader.

That’s when the man, whose name was Dan, really surprised me, he said that he would do me much better favor than just give me advice, he would actually help me get started!

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe he would be willing to do that. This had to be one of the nicest guys in the world.

He said he would meet me for a coffee in three days and we would get started.

I couldn’t wait and when the day finally rolled around it proved to be well worth the wait.

Dan had an entire system that he used. He patiently explained it to me as I took lots and lots of notes and then when he was done explaining, I started trading with Dan watching over me and giving me tips.

I left that day with $450 in profits and I haven’t looked back since. Over time, I took Dan’s system and made some changes of my own, which resulted in that 92% winning rate that I mentioned earlier.

Today, I’m making an average of $6,000 a day, $30,000 a week!

Many people are lucky to make $30,000 a year and I’m making it a week – and I’m making that money working just a couple of hours a day from my home office.


price Daily Pips Hunter

Well, it all comes down to our Daily Pips Hunter. With this system you stay in control of your trades without having to stress and worry about trades or work yourself to death.

Honestly, making money trading Forex doesn't get any easier than with Daily Pips Hunter.

Let's take a closer look at just why that is:

With Daily Pips Hunter, you get:

In other words, Daily Pips Hunter is that "can't miss Forex trading system" that you've been searching so hard for.


price Daily Pips Hunter

price Daily Pips Hunter

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, all those robots and signal services are designed to work in certain market conditions, so the minute conditions change they start losing money - and Forex market conditions are always changing!a trader is winning

That's why you constantly hear about horror stories where a trader is winning, walks away from his computer, returns and finds his entire account drained.

In the Forex market, things can change in an instant ... so don't let that horror story happen to you!

Daily Pips Hunter is a MANUAL TRADING STRATEGY meaning there is no robot placing trades for you - you make all trades, so you are always in control of your earnings.

But don't think you are going to be sitting hours and hours at your computer or that you are going to have to do exhaustive research or complex charting.

You see, I've also included fully automated trade assistant software that gives you exact buy and sell signals so that you know when to get in and out of a trade for maximum profits!

In the next few minutes, you can have everything I used to make the bank money.

A clear strategy that outlines EVERYTHING you need to do.

PLUS the trade assistant software (signal indicator) that will do most of the heavy lifting.

You're about to make a LOT of money. Very fast.

Without much thought.

Without much analysis.

Without much head wringing. Or second-guessing whatsoever.

System#1: Daily Pips Hunter

Based on trend following, wave trading and other powerful Forex trading methods, the Daily Pips Hunter System allows you to enjoy on average 1 to 3 winning trades per day.

And best of all, you don’t need any trading experience or expertise to use it! This system, which is based on price trend and price wave, is incredibly easy to use.


The system boasts an 92.7% winning rate with a 4.6% drawdown.

The system also comes with an easy-to-understand manual that includes templates, proprietary indicators and an installer. This has been used to generate up to 1,574 pips in 2 months.

With the Daily Pips Hunter System you receive profitable Entry, Exit, SL and TP Signals on Autopilot … and you will be alerted to each signal via email or sound by Trade Assistant software.

In other words, this is a direct, easy-to-follow system that really works.

That's not all.

System#2: Forex Premium Collection

This incredible system is based on wave reversal strategy. Basically, the system will direct you to trade reversal waves within a trend. This powerful tool will send your account balance soaring!

Immediate Access to Valuable Forex Videos & Resources – boost your Forex knowledge and earning power with these informative resources!

Daily Pips Hunter

Daily Pips Hunter is COMPATIBLE WITH MAC OS and Windows OS!

Daily Pips Hunter

Daily Pips Hunter

Look at just a few recent trades I've made with Daily Pips Hunter:

price Daily Pips Hunter

  • Thomas Gibson, an accountant who lost his job, started with just $350 and now, just six months later, has built his trading account up to $57,986!
  • Cheryl Korow, a housewife and Forex novice who didn’t know the first thing about trading Forex, now has over $63,000 in your trading account. She started with an initial investment of just $500.
  • Tim Blackmon, reported that he had already made $13,421 just two weeks after he started trading Forex with this system. Tim has since quit his job and now works from home.


I'm telling you trades like those I've shown above are the norm with this system.

And keep in mind that I don't have to work long hours or do complex charting to make this kind of money.

I also don't have to sit and worry about each buy and sell decision I make. The trade assistant software guides me.

Actually, this system will work for anyone from beginners with no experience to more experienced traders who have not ever been able to make what they hoped when they started out.

Here's one more awesome thing about this system:

price Daily Pips Hunter

In fact, it's just the opposite.

started with just a $100This system relies on strict money-management principles so that you quickly and steadily build your profits without ever having to risk a significant portion of your profits!

Many people, including some of the ones listed at the top of this page, got started with just a $100 investment.


Daily Pips Hunter

  • You only need to look for specific, easy to find indicators that I'll show you how to find fast!
  • You only need to "work" for an hour or two at most - in fact, those who have been testing the system for me say that they only need to spend a half-hour or so in front of their computer!
  • There's no stress about when to enter and exit a trade, just follow the instructions to make money!
  • You can get started with just a $100 investment!
  • Forex is a global market so you can "work" whenever it is convenient for you, including at night or in the morning before your job!
  • You can make as much or as little as you need - if you want to extra income to pay off your debt, no problem, or if you want to make enough to quit your day job you can do that, too!
  • There are no "hidden charges" ... you won't have to subscribe to a signal service (with this system you generate your own indicators)!
  • And this system works with any type of market and any currency pairs!

Daily Pips Hunter

With Daily Pips Hunter:

There are no difficult decisions to make
No extensive research to do
You just follow the simple instructions and start making money fast

You'll decide which trades to make and which ones to skip. You also won't have to worry about being away from the computer for a while and coming back to find out that your Forex robot completely wiped out your account.


Since you can quickly be making $2,500 with Daily Pips Hunter obviously I could basically charge a "king's ransom" for it and get away with it ... but that's not what I'm going to do.

I'm here to help struggling traders and beginners ... not to squeeze the last few dimes that I can from you before you go under.

Remember, I know what it is like to have the rug pulled out from under you and to be struggling to get by.

help other tradersI want you to succeed and that's why I'm going to give you the complete system you need to make big money trading Forex for the unheard of low price of just $37.

Now my trading friends when reviewing this system said I should charge at least $1,000 because you could easily make 100 times that amount following its trading instructions.

But I'm not doing this to make lots of money. I HAVE MONEY AGAIN. I'm doing it to help other traders ... traders who have lost money on scam products and robots that simply don't work.

I just need to cover my domain, hosting expenses, etc. so that's why I'm charging the small $37 fee instead of giving it away like I wish I could.

Daily Pips Hunter

Are you ready to take the steps necessary to enjoy real trading success or are you going to let this opportunity pass by and sit around hoping that you haven't made the mistake of a lifetime

At the very least, you should take me up on my risk-free offer. If it doesn't work for you, just notify me within 60 days and I'll refund your $37.


Daily Pips Hunter


Response to this offer has been tremendous and I've become seriously concerned that too many traders are going to order and that providing good customer support to all of these will be overwhelming, so I've decided to limit the number of orders to 250.

I'm sorry, but that's what I feel like I have to do at this time. Now unfortunately for those reading this page we are almost at the limit - so I urge you if you want to get Daily Pips Hunter at the low $37 price don't wait, order now.

To get your copy of Daily Pips Hunter, simply complete the order form below.

  • YES, Paul! I'm intrigued at how you can make so much money from your trading system that gives you the FREEDOM you've always wanted.
    I want to use the same system you're using to get BIG money from the forex market!
  • Value $437

    Special Introduction Price at $97! Only $37

    Daily Pips Hunter

    Order online safely and securely. 100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used.

    --- Worldwide orders accepted 24/7 ---

    Your products will be delivered in downloadable format for instant access
    immediately after your payment is approved.

  • I understand that I have 60 days to try this risk-free!
  • So, with that assurance, I won't hesitate to get my copy of Daily Pips Hunter at the low, low investment of $37 right now!

    Daily Pips Hunter



Paul Myers

P.S. With Daily Pips Hunter, you won't be spending hours staring at a computer screen or doing extensive research. What you will be doing is earning consistent trading profits without taking big risks.

P.P.S. Remember, we are already very close to hitting the order limit! Get Daily Pips Hunter for just $37 before it is too late!

P.P.P.S Also remember, that you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. So grab this special price while you can! If Daily Pips Hunter isn't everything you were expecting, simply notify me within 60 days and I will refund your purchase price immediately.

Daily Pips Hunter

Daily Pips Hunter
  • Is this system a "robot"?
    No, this is a manual trading system in which you have final say on all trades. The system will provide you with buy and sell signals that you can choose to act on or not.
  • Can beginners use this system?
    Absolutely! This system is incredibly easy to install and use and it gives you clear visual signals of what to do so not only can beginners make money with this system but it's so easy to use that even a fourth or fifth-grader could use it.
  • Can you get started with a free demo account?
    Yes, you most definitely can. In fact, this can be a great way to get familiar with the system while not risking any money.
  • Do you need a set amount of money to get started?
    No, you don't need a particular amount. That's the beauty of trading Forex. You can get started with as little as $100 - and remember you can use a demo account at first while you are learning the system and familiarizing yourself with the market.
  • How will I know when to get out of a trade?
    This system makes this a really easy decision by taking emotion out of the equation - it gives you clear visual signals of not just went to enter a trade but when to exit for maximum profits. Just follow the signals to watch your account balance grow and grow and grow.
  • Can one losing trade wipe out all my gains?
    No, this system uses safe money management principles to grow your account over time without risking major losses. In other words, with this system you enjoy maximum profit with minimum risk.
  • Will I need to buy any other software or charts to use this system?
    No, this system includes everything you need. Just install it and you'll be on the fast track to major profits.
  • Why is this system so much better than the robots that are on the market today?
    This system boasts proven results. It has not been just created and back-tested. This system has produced live positive results. The sad truth is most robots don't work despite what their back-test results may say. The truth is you put them in live market conditions and they fail again and again.
  • Does this system work best during a particular time of the day or a particular type of market?
    No specific time or market is better than another. This system can be used anytime, 24/7 and it thrives in any market conditions.
  • How many trades per session does this system average?
    It depends on how the market is doing on a particular day. Some days you'll have several trades and other days due to market trends you'll have just a few. The key is to follow the system and its money management strategies to continue to grow your account balance no matter what the market is doing.
  • How long should I use the system each day?
    One of the best things about this system is its flexibility. You can use it as much or as little as you want. However, if you are a beginner I would recommend that you use it for at least a couple of hours a day just so you can get familiar with trading Forex. But again if you don't have a lot of time, you can use the system for however long you do have. It is very time flexible.



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